The top ten world children’s clothing brands 2

Children’s clothing is referred to as children’s clothing, which refers to clothing suitable for children. By age groups include baby clothing, children’s clothing, children’s clothing, Chinese children’s clothing, big children’s clothing, etc. The materials of children’s clothing and clothes are required to be higher than adults. They are both good -looking and comfortable to wear. The key is that the quality of children’s clothing must be guaranteed and cannot damage children’s health. I want to know which brand of children’s clothing is good, and I recommend the top ten children’s clothing brands.

4. Anta children’s clothing

Anta Group is a comprehensive and multi -brand sporting goods group specializing in sports equipment such as design, production, sales of sports shoes and clothing, and accessories.

5. Adidas children’s clothing

Adidas was founded in 1949 and is a member of the German sports supplies manufacturer Adidas AG. Named by its founder Adolf Adi Dassler, in 1920, he began producing shoe products in Hecuoken Orah.

6. Pepco children’s clothing

Guangdong Pig Banner Clothing Co., Ltd. was established in 1995. It is a integration of R & D, production, sales, and specializing in “Pig Banner”, “Pengku Generation”, “Aier Heima”, “Dandy” Modern clothing companies of brand children’s clothing.

In terms of texture selection, it is advisable to cotton, avoid chemical fiber. First of all, the whole cotton fabric is relatively soft, and the skin of children is more delicate. The cotton fabric can gently contact the baby’s skin, which plays a good protective role. And chemical fiber fabrics often compare …
In terms of color selection, it should be lighter, and it should not be bright. The colorful fabrics often contain a lot of chemical dyeing residues, which can easily lead to skin diseases, so they should be cautious when choosing. At the same time, you should also pay attention, some too white …
In terms of the selection of size and styles, it is advisable to be loose and avoid tightness, because the baby is active. If we wear too tightly, it will not be conducive to the stretching and activities of his limbs. Long -term lack of activities, and the baby is prone to illness. It should be based on loose and natural casual clothing, …
In terms of workmanship, it should be fine, avoid rough and non -manufacturing, the production of small clothing should be delicate and meticulous, with small hair edges, carefully stitching, and removal of the thread.

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