What are the test standards for children’s fabrics?

What are the fabrics of children’s clothing? Frequent fabrics for children’s clothing include:

1. Cotton. This is the most common children’s clothing fabric, which is also loved by most parents. It has strong sweat resistance and strong breathability, but relatively speaking, this fabric or material children’s clothing is more likely to have wrinkles or shrinking.

2. All -cotton silk fabric. Such fabrics or materials of children’s clothing are very comfortable and have a certain luster. But this fabric will fade.

3. Mao. Most parents like wool clothes because they are both beautiful and comfortable; but they also have disadvantages such as shrinking.

Test standards: GB/T 31900-2015, GB/T 33271-2016, FZ/T 73025-2019, FZ/T 73045-2013, etc.

With powerful, non -demolished attachment resistance, combustion performance, heavy metal content, extraction of heavy metal content, phthalate, etc.

1. Use a square fabric to open a round hole about the same size as the waist. In order to make the last finished skirt’s head have beautiful wrinkles, this hole should be slightly larger.

2. Select a suitable loose band. I chose a loose band with the same length as the little girl’s waist, and then the two ends overlapped about 1 inch into a circle. This is slightly smaller than the small girl’s waist circumference in this elastic band, in order to wear the skirt firmly.

3. In order to make the finished waistline of the skirt evenly, you can do this. Fold the fabric to stack the round folding into semicircular and align with the loose band. Then the middle and ends corresponding to the two are marked with a loose band (two bead needles are used in the middle, and one of the upper and lower layers is used). As shown in the figure, the semi -circular and loose band are divided into two equal points.

4. A beautiful small skirt is completed.

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