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Why Is Your Baby Crying?

Babies are adorable little creatures. They are stress-relievers. When you’re exhausted from work and you see your baby smile, it takes away all your fatigue. What a baby does is bring colors to your world. Suddenly, life has meaning. She is your reason for living. Although it can be blissful raising a baby, it is tedious to put them to sleep. Many parents struggle with it. If you have a baby who cries a lot and finds it extremely hard to fall asleep, you may want to find out why. You would be able to resolve the problem once you understand why your baby is crying. This list will help you find out the reason why your baby cries.

Your baby may be hungry. Hunger is almost always the culprit why a baby cries. That’s how she communicates that she wants to be fed. Try to remember the last time you fed her milk and if it’s about time to feed her again. Watch out for other signs like a baby sucking her finger. That’s a sure sign your baby is hungry.

Your baby wants to sleep. Another reason why babies cry is simply because they want to sleep and they aren’t comfortable with their position. Some babies sleep when their mothers carry them. Some sleep with a background music on. It is different for every baby. Once you figure this out, your life becomes easier.

Your baby doesn’t want a dirty diaper. Perhaps she has been wearing it for hours and it needs to be changed. Or your baby may have pooped on her diaper. Sometimes the only solution is to change. Once you do, your baby will usually stop crying.

Your baby wants you to carry her. Perhaps the reason your baby is crying is she wants you to hold her. Babies are very attached to their mothers. They can even recognize their scent. If after you hold her she stops crying, try to cuddle her or put her to sleep.

Your baby may be sick. If your baby cries for hours and doesn’t stop, especially after feeding her, you may want to see a doctor. Perhaps she is having problems with her tummy.

Teething. If your baby is between 4-7 months old, you may want to check her gums. At this age, babies usually get teeth already and it’s painful.

Your baby just feels like crying. This is very normal. There are babies who cry for no reason at all. If your baby cries persistently for at least three hours, she may have colic. This crying condition is normal for a healthy baby. This usually occurs when your baby is about 2 weeks old, but it goes away after four months.

How to find out what he’s crying about

For a first-time mom, it might be a little difficult to find out why your baby is crying. As you spend more time with your little one, you tend to recognize patterns and certain behaviors that allow you to determine the reason why your baby is crying. You could also check this list.

You may have noticed that newborns have a very high-pitched voice. This doesn’t always mean that your baby is in pain. That’s just how babies cry.

You will notice a baby is hungry when he fusses and squirms. When this happens, feed your baby right away.

If your baby is in pain, you will have a hard time consoling him. You will also see it in your baby’s face that he’s in pain.

How to Soothe a Crying baby

Consoling a crying baby is one of the most challenging jobs of a parent, but we are offering some of the gentle ways to soothe your crying baby. The first thing you should do when your baby starts crying is take a long deep breath and go with the basics. Feed your baby and change her diapers. Sometimes this will do the trick. If this doesn’t work, just stay calm and try these tips:

Rock-a bye baby. Gently hold your baby in your arms and swivel back and forth. This often works but try not to overdo it. When you keep doing this every single time your baby cries, she becomes dependent. 

Go with a soothing sound. Sometimes noises make a baby cry. Experiment with different background music and see which will work for your baby. You may want to sing to her as well. Sometimes she responds more to that.

Get your baby outside. They like looking at things especially colorful things. A change of scenery may calm and stop her from crying.

Get a swing for your baby. Movements help calm the baby. Create one specifically designed for your infant or toddler. Again, don’t overdo this else your baby becomes dependent on the swing. She might not be able to fall asleep without it.

Try the 5 S’s. The 5S are Swinging, Swaddling, Sucking, Side soothing, and using Sshhing sounds. Wrap your baby in a blanket or hold him on his side. You may also want to give your baby a pacifier.

Give your baby a soothing massage. Check if the temperature inside your house is either too warm or too cold for the baby. 

You may also want to check your baby’s clothes. Perhaps they are too tight and she needs to change it. Always use loose clothes for your baby. They sleep better with those.

Talk to her gently. A baby listens to the mother. One of the most effective ways to soothe a baby is to talk to her quietly. Assure her that you will always be there for her.

Distract your baby with a toy. Carry your baby. That makes her feel safe and secure. Sometimes bathing can do wonders for the baby. Try giving your baby a warm bath before bedtime.

Try all the strategies mentioned above and see which one works for your baby and keep doing it.

How to Soothe a Crying Toddler

Do not tolerate negative behavior. It is best to start disciplining your child early. If your baby demands something you cannot give and he starts to cry, do not give in. Try not to let your anger set in as well. Be gentle with your child and refuse.

Give him something to do. A toddler likes to play during the day. Take him to a playgroup or any trips where there are other kids. This will surely make him tear-free.

There are times when you need to give in. If your toddler wants something, reconsider. Do not say no right away. If it doesn’t harm him or your budget, say yes. That will surely stop his tears.

Gentle Ways to Put your Baby to Sleep

You may have tried all the ways of putting your baby to sleep, and they don’t seem to work. Everyday, you keep losing sleep because your baby is awake when it’s time for you to sleep. If you are a first-time mom, you may want to recognize sleeping signs from your baby first so you would know if he is ready to sleep or not. You need to spot signs if your baby is already tired. Look for these signs from your baby:

The baby rubs his eyes and tries to cry

The baby suddenly loses in interest in whatever he’s doing. When he’s playing with his toys, he throws it away

If you’re carrying him, he may suddenly bury his face in your chest.

The baby suddenly becomes quiet

These signs are telling you that it’s time to put the baby to sleep. Put him down on his cot and let him take his nap. As much as possible, avoid eye contact with your baby when you’re trying to put him to sleep. That would only encourage the baby to snap out of him sleep zone.

When you see any of these signs, quietly put your baby to bed. 

How to teach your baby to sleep soundly?

Babies do not yet know how sleeping works. As a parent, it is essential for you to teach your baby or toddler how and when to sleep. Following a routine is very helpful. As soon as your baby wakes up in the morning, open the curtains to allow sunlight to set into your home. This would let the baby know that it is time to wake up.

Do this every morning until the baby gets used to it. You may want to have background music on, something lively like nursery rhymes. When you have bathed and fed him, play with your baby. You should only play with your baby during the day.

At night, dim all lights and put some soothing music on. Prepare your baby for bed about two hours before bedtime.

You may read him a book. Do not expose your baby to bright lights so he would know the difference between day and night.

If the baby tries to cry after putting him down, just pat the baby gently. Tell him it’s okay because you’re around. You may lie down together and cuddle her. Try to pretend you’re also asleep so he knows it’s really time to go to bed. Avoid carrying your baby while putting him to sleep. He becomes dependent on it over time.

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